Invited Talks

Name Affiliation Country/Region Topic
Yimao Cai Peking University China High-density and high-reliability RRAM for memory and computing applications
Yu(Kevin) Cao University of Minnesota USA Heterogeneous Integration for Energy-Efficient AI Computing
Mansun Chan Hong Kong University of Science & Technology China/HongKong 3-D Stacked Complementary MOS Technology
Yogesh Chauhan IIT India (TBD)
Jiezhi Chen Shandong University China Optimizing Flash Memory Towards Storage Class Memory Applications
Rong Chen HUST China Huazhong university of science and technology HUST
Yuhua Cheng Peking University China (not provided)
Chao-Hsin Chien National Yangming Chiaotung University China/Taiwai Oxide semiconductor transistor or 2D channel Transistor
Yann Deval University of Bordeaux France (TBD)
Yijun Cui Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics China Hardware security linking everything: from lightweight PUF to post-quantum cryptography hardware
Yuan Gao Institute of Microelectronics Singapore (TBD)
Jyh-Chyurn Guo National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University China/Taiwan mm‐Wave and Sub‐THz CMOS Device Optimization Design and Modeling
for Super‐400 GHz fMAX
Ming-Qiang Guo University of Macau China/Macau When Time Interleaving Encounters Oversampling in ADC
Ming He Peking University China Intelligent Electronics for Multimodal-Sensory Fusion and Perception
Yuhui He Huazhong University of Science and Technology China Complementary Memtransistor as Synapses for Brain-inspired Computing
Qing-An Huang Southeast University China Parity-time symmetry for LC passive wireless sensors
Makoto Ikeda The University of Tokyo Japan Template based design automation for crypto accelerator
Mahfuzul Islam Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan Digital LDO for low-power applications
Michiko Inoue NAIST Japan Reliability of Memristor-based Neuromorphic Computing System
Hiroshi Iwai NYCU China/Taiwan History of BiCMOS Technology Development for logic and RF in the 1980s and 1990s
Anquan Jiang Fudan University China Sub-nanosecond operation speeds of ferroelectric domain wall memory
Haruo Kobayashi Gunma University Japan Toward Unification of Digital Error Correction Algorithms for ADCs with Redundancy
Moufu Kong University of Electronic Science and Technology of China China SiC/GaN/Ga2O3 power devices
Avinash Lahgere IIT India (TBD)
Mario Lanza KAUST Saudi Arab Hybrid 2D/CMOS microchips for memristive applications
Ching-Ting Lee National Cheng Kung University
China/Taiwan Monolithic Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Using GaN-based Devices
Ming Li Peking University China Vertical channel transistor (VCT) for advanced logic and memory applications
Wenwu Li Fudan University China (TBD)
Yuan Li XDL Technologies Inc. China Computing Efficiency and Configurable Parallel Processor
Jyi-Tsong Lin NSYU China/Taiwan (TBD)
Yibo Lin Peking University China Analyzing Timing in Shorter Time: A Journey through Heterogeneous Parallelism for Static Timing Analysis
Fucai Liu University of Electronic Science and Technology of China China Two-dimensional ferroelectricity: polarization modulation and new device
Liyuan Liu Institute of Semiconductors, CAS China Smart Vision Chip
Xiaoyan Liu Peking University China Neural Network Assisted MOSFETs Model Development (tentative)
Wayne Luk Imperial College UK Hardware acceleration
Souvik Mahapatra IIT Bombay India Simulation of P/E Cycling and Retention loss in 3D CTF NAND Flash
Kyeong-Sik Min Kookmin Univ. Korea Emerging memory circuits for unconventional computing
Wai Tung Ng University of Toronto Canada (TBD)
Guofu Niu Auburn University USA (TBD)
Vojin G. Oklobdzija University of California USA Number Representation for Machine Learning and limitations of the current IEEE 754 FLP standard
Mikael Östling KTH Royal Institute of Technology Sweden The Status of WBG Devices Towards Net-Zero Solutions
Ya-Tao Peng University of Macau China/Macau Cryogenic Integrated Circuits for Quantum Applications: Present Status, Challenges, and Future Directions
Hao Qiu Nanjing University  China (TBD)
Yiming Qu East China Normal University China New Reliability Issues of Nor-flash for Computing-In-Memory Application
Francois Rivet University of Bordeaux France (TBD)
John Robertson Cambridge University UK

TeO2 as the First Amorphous P-type Transistor for BEOL Devices

Shubham Sahay IIT India 3D NAND Flash Memory for Neuromorphic Computing and Hardware Security
Chao Shen Fudan University China III-nitride Laser and Photonic Integrated Circuit
Haiding Sun University of Science and Technology China Monolithic Integration of III-Nitrides Optoelectronics
Hongbin Sun Xian Jiaotong University China (TBD)
He Tang University of Electronic Science and Technology of China China (TBD)
Li Tao SEU China Low-dimensional Semiconductor Enabled Wearable Circuits with Wireless Sensing and Communicating modules
Akira Tsuchiya The University of Shiga Prefecture Japan Device Modeling & Simulation
Changjin Wan Nanjing University China Building a Spiking Sensory Neuron with Oxide-based Neuromorphic Devices
C.C. Wang National Sun Yiet Sun University China/Taiwan PLL-based wide lock-in range CDR with coarse-fine tuning technique for fiber optical gyroscope system integration
Luda Wang Peking University China Nanopore Based MEMS Iontronic Devices
Runsheng Wang Peking University China Challenges of design for reliability in advanced CMOS technology: from single-mode to mixed-mode mechanisms
Heng Wu Peking University China Stacked Transistors for Next Generation Logic Technology
Xing Wu East China Normal University China In situ transmission electron microscopy study on advanced device reliability
Sixing Xiong RIKEN Japan Waterproof organic photovoltaics for wearable power sources
Xiaoming Xiong Guangdong University of Technology China High-Precision Hybrid Power Modeling for Virtual Prototype Platforms Based on Machine Learning
Jian-Bin Xu The Chinese University of Hong kong China/HongKong (TBD)
Jie Yang China Event-driven Closed-loop Brain-machine Interface
Zuochang Ye Tsinghua University China (not provided)
Kiat Seng Yeo Singapore Univ. of Technology and Design/Tianjin Univ. Singapore High-Efficiency Power Amplifier Design for Bluetooth Low Energy Applications
You Yin Gunma University Japan Phase-change memory
Hongyu Yu Southern University of Science and Technology China Progress and outlook in GaN devices and its system implementation
Jian-Fu Zhang Liverpool John Moores University UK Predictive modelling of hot carrier degradation
Milin Zhang Tsinghua University China Low Power Wireless Biopotential Sensor Interface Circuit Design
Ming-Lei Zhang University of Macau China/Macau (TBD)
Weidong Zhang Liverpool John Moores University UK Switching Mechanisms of Ovonic Threshold Switching (OTS) Devices
Yue Zhang Beihang University China Spintronic Devices towards Advanced Computing Framework
Yi Zhao Zhejiang University China Orthorhombic-I (Pbca) Phase: Origin of Anti-ferroelectricity in HfZrO Films
Bing Zhou University of Macau China/Macau (TBD)
Peng Zhou Fudan University China The role of 2D materials in fusion with silicon Ics
Pingqiang Zhou Shanghai Tech University China Clock Aware Placement Considering Blockages
Xiaona Zhu Fudan University China Advanced logic devices’ DTCO beyond 3nm process technology node