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The following papers will be submitted to IEEE copyright center for copyright transfer operation. The corresponding author for each paper will be contacted by IEEE for copyright transfer by email. Once you receive this email, pls sign it online. However, if you do not want to do so, just ignore it. Only papers which complete the copyright transfer can be considered for IEEE Xplore database inclusion.



K1-1, K1-3, K1-4, K3-1, K3-2, S0304, S0305, S0308, S0311, S0313, S0314, S0315, S0319, S0320, S0321, S0323, S0324, S0325, S0326, S0327, S0328, S0329, S0330, S0331, S0333, S0336, S0337, S0342, S0344, S0345, S0347, S0350, S0354, S0355, S0357, S0368, S0371, S0372, S0373, S0374, S0380, S0381, S0382, S0384, S0386, S0389, S0390, S0391, S0393, S0396, S0397, S0399, S0400, S0402, S0407, S0411, S0413, S0414, S0415, S0416, S0420, S0421, S0422, S0424, S0425, S0428, S0430, S0431, S0433, S0434, S0436, S0437, S0439, S0441, S0442, S0443, S0444, S0445, S0448, S0449, S0450, S0451, S0452, S0453, S0454, S0455, S0456, S0457, S0458, S0459, S0460, S0461, S0462, S0463, S0464, S0466, S0468, S0470, S0471, S0473, S0474, S0475, S0476, S0478, S0480, S0481, S0482, S0483, S0484, S0487, S0489, S0491, S0492, S0493, S0495, S0496, S0497, S0498, S0499, S0500, S0501, S0502, S0503, S0504, S0505, S0506, S0509, S0510, S0512, S0513, S0515, S0516, S0518, S0519, S0520, S0521, S0522, S0524, S0526, S0528, S0529, S0531, S0533, S0535, S0540, S0541, S0542, S0543, S0544, S0545, S0546, S0547, S0548, S0550, S0551, S0552, S0553, S0555, S0556, S0557, S0558, S0560, S0561, S0562, S0563, S0565, S0566, S0567, S0568, S0569, S0571, S0574, S0576, S0577, S0578, S0579, S0580, S0581, S0582, S0583, S0584, S0585, S0589, S0590, S0591, S0592, S0593, S0596, S0597, S0598, S0599, S0601, S0602, S0605, S0606, S0607, S0608, S0609, S0611, S0612, S0613, S0614, S0615, S0616, S0617, S0618, S0619, S0620, S0621, S0623, S0625, S0626, S0627, S0629, S0630, S0632, S0633, S0634, S0635, S0636, S0637, S0638, S0643, S0644, S0645, S0647, S0649, S0650, S0651, S0652, S0653, S0654, S0655, S0657, S0658, S0659, S0660, S0661, S0662, S0663, S0664, S0665, S0666, S0667, S0668, S0669, S0670, S0671, S0673, S0674, S0675, S0677, S0678, S0682, S0683, S0684, S0685, S0687, S0688, S0689, S0690, S0691, S0692, S0693, S0694, S0695, S0697, S0698, S0699, S0700, S0701, S0702, S0703, S0704, S0705, S0706, S0708, S0710, S0711, S0713, S0714, S0715, S0716, S0717, S0718, S0719, S0720, S0722, S0725, S0726, S0727, S0728, S0729, S0730, S0731, S0732, S0733, S0734, S0735, S0736, S0738, S0739, S0742, S0743, S0744, S0745, S0746, S0748, S0749, S0750, S0751, S0754, S0755, S0756, S0760, S0761, S0762, S0763, S0764, S0765, S0766, S0767, S0768, S0769, S0770, S0772, S0773, S0774, S0775, S0776, S0777, S0779, S0780, S0781, S0782, S0784, S0786, S0788, S0789, S0790, S0791, S0793, S0795, S0797, S0799, S0800, S0801, S0802, S0804, S0805, S0806, S0807, S0809, S0810, S0811, S0814, S0818, S0820, S0821, S0823, S0825, S0826, S0827, S0828, S0829, S0830, S0832, S0833, S0835, S0836, S0838, S0840, S0844, S0845, S0846, S0847, S0848, S0849, S0850, S0851, S0856, S0857, S0858, S0859, S0861, S0862, S0864, S0866, S0867, S0868, S0869, S0870, S0871, S0874, S0875, S0877, S0879, S0881, S0882, S0884, S0885, S0887, S0888, S0889, S0890, S0891, S0892, S0894, S0895, S0896, S0899, S0900, S0901, S0903, S0904, S0905, S0906, S0907, S0908, S0909, S0911, S0912, S0915, S0917, S0918, S0919, S0920, S0921, S0922, S0924, S0925, S0926, S0927, S0928, S0929, S0930, S0931, S0932, S0933, S0934, S0935, S0936, S0937, S0938, S0939, S0940, S0941, S0951, S0952


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