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Affiliation Country /
1 Asen Asenov University of Glasgow UK NESS: an open source nano-TCAD simulation tool
2 Francis Balestra Grenoble INP-Minatec / Sinano Institute France Status and trends in nanoscale CMOS and Beyond-CMOS
3 Yu(Kevin) Cao Arizona State University USA On-chip adaptation with a hybrid memory architecture
4 Mansun Chan Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Hong Kong Modeling Approach for Neuromorphic Computing
5 EdwardY Chang National Chiao Tung University Taiwan  
6 Jiezhi Chen Shandong University China Read Disturbs in Triple-Level-Cell 3D Charge-Trapping NAND Flash Memory.
7 Jingsheng Chen NUS Singapore Novel materials for Spin-orbital torque magnetic random access memory
8 Kuan-Neng Chen NCTU Taiwan Low Temperature Development of Lowering Bonding Temperature for High Throughput 3D Heterogeneous Integration Platform
9 Kunji Chen Nanjing University China Silicon Based Novel Structure Solar-Blind Photodetector with High Performance of Self Powering, High Responsivity and High Response Speed
10 Quan Chen The University of HK Hong Kong Subspace Recycling Techniques for Exponential Integrator Method for Large-Scale Circuit Simulation
11 Yun Chen Fudan  University China High performance Edge Loss for Image
12 Y.T. Cheng NCTU Taiwan A Micromachined Multimodal Probe for Ischemia Muscle Monitoring
13 Yuhua Cheng Peking University China  
14 Chao-Hsin Chien National Chiao Tung University Taiwan  
15 Steve Chung National Chiao Tung University Taiwan  Understanding the Switching Mechanism of RRAM from Transient RTN Measurement
16 Cor Claeys KU Leuven Belgium  Technological Impact on the Low Frequency Noise of Si and Si/SiGe Superlattice Input-Output FinFETs". Can this be arranged? 
17 Nadine Collaert IMEC Belgium From 5G to 6G: will compound semiconductors make the difference? (RF/mm-wave, III-V, GaN, and etc.)
18 Xiaole Cui Peiking University Shenzhen
Graduate School
China An improved synthesis method of logic
circuits based on the NMOS-like RRAM
19 Yann Deval University of Bordeaux France  
20 Yu Ding Shanghai IC R&D Center China A 5 nm Logic FinFET Device Design
21 Shurong Dong Zhejiang University China  
22 Thomas Ernst CEA/LETI France Convergence between microelectronics and health monitoring: a path for sustainable connected systems miniaturization
23 Antony Fan Synopsys USA  Advanced Circuit Reliability Verification for Robust Design
24 Dan Fleetwood Vanderbilty University USA  
25 Jun Han Fudan University China An Ultra-low-power High-precision Dynamic Gesture Recognition Coprocessor Based On RISC-V Architecture
26 Jifa Hao Fairchild Semiconductor USA  
27 Jin He Peking University China  
28 Ming He Peking University China Thin Film Transistors
29 Yuhui He     Low dimensional materials and devices for neuromorphic computing
30 Iwai Hiroshi Tokyo Institute of Technology  Japan  
31 Mengyuan Hua UST Hong Kong Gate Reliability and VTH Stability Investigations of p-GaN HEMTs
32 Qianqian Huang Peking University China  
33 Meikei Ieong TSMC Taiwan  
34 Anquan Jiang Fudan University China  
35 Xiangwei Jiang CAS China Atomistic understanding of CMOS reliability through ab initio nonradiative multi-phonon theory
36 Jinfeng Kang Peking University China Flash-based digital in-memory computing for deep neural networks
37 M.D. Ker National Chiao Tung University Taiwan Optimization on Surge Protection Device for USB Type-C HV Applications
38 Haruo Kobayashi Gunma University Japan Analog/Mixed-Signal Circuit Testing Technologies in IoT Era
39 Mario Lanza Soochow University China Advanced nanoelectronic characterization of materials and devices by conductive atomic force microscopy
40 Meng Li Facebook Inc., USA On-Device AI for Augmented Reality (AR) Systems
41 Ming Li Peking University China  
42 Pei-Wen Li National Chiao Tung University Taiwan Back to the Future: Germanium nanoengineering reemerges as the savior of Si functional devices
43 Xianbin Li Jilin University China Material Searching and Design for Phase-Change Memory DevicesMaterial Searching and Design for Phase-Change Memory Devices
44 Yan Li Gorvo Inc. France  
45 Lei Liao Wu Han University China  
46 Horng-Chih Lin National Chiao Tung University Taiwan Fabrication and Characterization of T-shape Gated Poly-Si TFTs
47 Changze Liu Huawei Hisilicon China Transistor and circuit reliability
48 Dongsheng Liu School of Optical and Electronic Information,
Huazhong University of Science and Technology
China Design and Implementation of Smart Card SoC Compatible with ISO/IEC 14443-A
49 Sujuan Liu Beijing University of Technology China A Low-Complexity Timing Mismatch Calibration Method for Four-Channel Time-Interleaved ADCs Based on Cross Correlation
50 Xiaoyan Liu Peking University China New Method for Variability and Reliability-aware Device-Circuit Co-Design
51 Yiqun Liu Shanghai IC R&D Center China A Brief Review of Source/Drain Engineering in Advanced CMOS Technology and Future Outlook
52 Hongliang Lv Xidian
China  Study on the hardening of single-event transient in D-type flip-flop based on InP HBT
53 Feng Miao Nanjing University China 2D Materials for Emerging Memory、Neuromorphic and Optoelectronic Applications
54 WaiTung Ng University of Toronto Canada GaN Power Modules for Electric Vehicle Applications
55 Gang Qu University of Maryland USA  
56 Carlo Reita CEA/LETI France Advanced Memories for Edge AI circuits
57 Tian-ling Ren Tsinghua University China Perovskite based photodetector
58 Piyas Samanta Vidyasagar College for Women India Re-evaluation of charge carrier trapping during bias temperature stress of MOS devices- A physics based analysis
59 Tzu-Hsien Sang NCTU Taiwan SPAD properties and their implications on lidar signal processing
60 Bo Shen Peking University China  
61 Atsushi Shirane Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan Millimeter wave transceiver design for 5G and Satellite Communication
62 Eddy Simoen IMEC Belgium Materials and defect aspects of III-V and III-N Devices for high-speed analog/RF Application   
63 Jordi Sune Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Spain   
64 Teruo Suzuki  Socionext Inc. USA  ESD and Latch-up
65 Zhichao Tan Zhejiang  University China  
66 He Tang UESTC China A Fully Differential SAR ADC with a Novel Capacitor Mismatch Calibration
67 C.C. Wang National Sun Yiet Sun University Taiwan 3A Bidirectional Current Sensor Design Using High Voltage CMOS Process
68 KangL Wang University of California, Los Angeles USA Spintronics for memory centric applications
69 Mingxiang Wang Soochow University  China  
70 Runsheng Wang Peking University China  Hot carrier reliebility
71 Xinran Wang Nanjing University China Toward high-mobility and low-power 2D transistor technology
72 Xuexiang Wang Southeast University China Robust Clock Tree Synthesis for Nearthreshold-
voltage Circuits Design
73 Yanzhi Wang Northeastern University USA  
74 Yaohua Wang National University of Defense Technology China Feeding Computation Units as Needed
75 Zhaohao Wang Beihang University China Research on Toggle Spin Torques Magnetic Random Access Memory (TST-MRAM)
76 Jin Wei HKUST Hong Kong Dynamic Vth in p-GaN Gate Power HEMTs 
77 Zhongming Wei Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences China Polarization-Sensitive Photodetectors based on 2D Layered Semiconductors
78 Man Wong Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Hong Kong High-pressure high-temperature bulk-type piezoresistive pressure sensor
79 Ngai Wong University of HK Hong Kong  
80 Nanjian Wu Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences,
Hiroshima University
ChinaJapan Design of High-Performance Phase-Locked Loop Using Hybrid Dual-Path Loop Archiecture: an Overview
81 Qiang Wu Shanghai IC R&D Center China The Evolution of Photolithography Technology, Process Standards,  and Future Outlook
82 Xing Wu East China Normal Univbersity China  
83 Yanqing Wu Peking University, Huazhong Univ. of Science and Technology China  
84 Nuo Xu Samsung  USA   
85 Bingyong Yan AMEDAC China DTCO and its application for new Technology Pathfinding
86 CaryY. Yang Santa Clara University USA 3D Nanocarbon Interconnects
87 Joshua Yang University of Southern California USA Memristive devices and arrays for neuromorphic computing
88 Yuchao Yang Peking University China Transiently chaotic simulated annealing based on intrinsic nonlinearity of memristors for efficient solution of optimization problems
89 Hailong Yao Tsinghua University China Compilation and Synthesis Flow for Neural Networks with Resource Constraints
90 KiatSeng Yeo SUTD Singapore CMOS Transformer Design for X-band Power Amplifier Applications
91 You Yin Gunma University Japan  
92 Bei Yu Chinese University of HK Hong Kong Machine Learning in EDA
93 HongYu Yu Nanyang Technological University Singapore   
94 Shimeng Yu Georgia Institute of Technology USA Ferroelectric Transistors for Synaptic Devices: Challenges and Prospects
95 Zhiping Yu Tsinghua Universiy China  quantum algorithm development for EDA tool development
96 Bo Zhang University of Electronic Science and Technology of China China  
97 J.F. Zhang Liverpool John Moores University UK Defect generation and losses in MOSFETs 
98 Weidong Zhang Liverpool John Moores University  UK Impact of RTN and Variability on RRAM-Based Neural Network
99 Peng Zhou Fudan University China  
100 Pingqiang Zhou Shanghai Tech University China  An Input-Sensitive Dynamic Power Modeling Methodology for AI Chips in Black-Box Form
101 Xing Zhou Nanyang Technological University Singapore Hybrid III-V/Si-CMOS PDK for monolithic heterogeneously-integrated III-V/Si technology platforms
102 Zekun Zhou University of Electronic
Science and Technology of China
China A Temperature-Compensated Voltage
Reference with High PSRR


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