ICSICT 2020 Panel Discussion


Title: The impact of AI to the technology world, mainly from device and design perspectives.


Date8:30-10:00Nov. 6, 2020

LocationLive Online  


Moderator Shaofeng Yu (Fudan University, China)

Panelists:     Yuchao Yang (Peking University, China)

                     Shimeng Yu (Gerogia Tech, USA)

                     Haruo Kobayashi (Gunma University, Japan)

                     Meikei Ieong (United Microelectronics Center Hong Kong SAR)

                     Chixiao Chen (Fudan University, China)


We are entering the Artifical Integlligence Era. Besides the applications and mathematical algorithms which most of us have been hearing about, what major changes do you expect that the AI would bring to the device and design technology world?

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