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Aug. 15, 2018


Dear Author,


On behalf of the review committee of IEEE ICSICT 2018, we are pleased to inform you that papers shown below have been accepted by the IEEE ICSICT 2018.


The proceedings of IEEE ICSICT 2018 (electronic version) will be distributed during the conference. It has an IEEE publication catalogue number and will be collected in IEEE publication database ---- IEEE X’ploreâ. All the accepted papers should be presented at the conference. At least one of the authors for each paper should complete registration before Sep. 15, 2018.


IEEE ICSICT 2018 is subject to IEEEno-showpolicy. It means that you must complete the registration in advance and present your paper on site if you want your paper to be collected by the proceedings and the IEEE database.


The copyright transfer form of your paper to IEEE will be sent to the corresponding author’s email.


You are also advised to book your hotel rooms before Sep. 15, 2018 since the reserved rooms are limited.


Looking forward to meeting you soon at IEEE ICSICT 2018 in Qingdao.


Sincerely yours,



Yu-Long Jiang


Program committee co-chair of ICSICT 2018

Fudan University




Accepted Paper List (ID)


Device & Process Part:

S0319, S0321, S0323, S0325, S0354, S0358, S0368, S0374, S0376, S0377, S0382, S0384, S0387, S0393, S0398, S0402, S0409, S0415, S0421, S0422, S0424, S0428, S0430, S0431, S0434, S0437, S0441, S0442, S0450, S0456, S0457, S0463, S0467, S0469, S0471, S0473, S0480, S0481, S0492, S0497, S0499, S0501, S0502, S0510, S0512, S0513, S0515, S0516, S0518, S0521, S0526, S0528, S0531, S0533, S0542, S0543, S0546, S0553, S0558, S0561, S0564, S0565, S0569, S0576, S0585, S0591, S0594, S0599, S0606, S0607, S0613, S0614, S0615, S0619, S0621, S0624, S0627, S0634, S0636, S0639, S0641, S0644, S0645, S0650, S0652, S0655, S0657, S0658, S0659, S0660, S0661, S0662, S0665, S0666, S0668, S0669, S0670, S0673, S0675, S0678, S0679, S0682, S0683, S0685, S0688, S0690, S0695, S0697, S0701, S0702, S0708, S0711, S0713, S0715, S0719, S0722, S0728, S0731, S0732, S0733, S0734, S0741, S0744, S0751, S0752, S0763, S0765, S0769, S0770, S0775, S0782, S0783, S0787, S0789, S0790, S0804, S0805, S0806, S0821, S0824, S0825, S0826, S0828, S0834, S0838, S0840, S0842, S0846, S0848, S0851, S0857, S0858, S0859, S0862, S0863, S0864, S0865, S0867, S0868, S0870, S0871, S0874, S0879, S0885, S0887, S0889, S0894, S0897, S0910, S0918


Circuit & System Part:

S0304, S0305, S0311, S0312, S0313, S0315, S0318, S0320, S0324, S0326, S0327, S0328, S0329, S0330, S0333, S0336, S0337, S0344, S0345, S0347, S0350, S0355, S0357, S0373, S0380, S0386, S0389, S0390, S0391, S0400, S0407, S0411, S0413, S0414, S0416, S0420, S0426, S0436, S0439, S0443, S0444, S0445, S0448, S0449, S0452, S0453, S0454, S0455, S0458, S0459, S0460, S0461, S0462, S0464, S0466, S0468, S0470, S0476, S0477, S0482, S0483, S0487, S0491, S0493, S0495, S0496, S0498, S0500, S0503, S0504, S0505, S0506, S0509, S0519, S0520, S0522, S0523, S0524, S0527, S0529, S0535, S0540, S0541, S0544, S0545, S0547, S0548, S0550, S0551, S0552, S0557, S0560, S0563, S0567, S0568, S0571, S0577, S0578, S0579, S0581, S0582, S0584, S0589, S0590, S0592, S0593, S0596, S0597, S0598, S0601, S0605, S0608, S0612, S0616, S0618, S0620, S0623, S0629, S0632, S0638, S0649, S0664, S0677, S0684, S0691, S0694, S0699, S0700, S0703, S0704, S0705, S0714, S0716, S0717, S0718, S0720, S0725, S0727, S0729, S0730, S0738, S0739, S0742, S0743, S0745, S0748, S0749, S0754, S0755, S0756, S0760, S0761, S0762, S0764, S0766, S0767, S0768, S0773, S0774, S0776, S0777, S0779, S0780, S0781, S0784, S0786, S0788, S0791, S0793, S0797, S0799, S0800, S0801, S0802, S0803, S0809, S0810, S0811, S0813, S0814, S0816, S0818, S0819, S0820, S0823, S0827, S0829, S0830, S0831, S0832, S0833, S0835, S0836, S0837, S0844, S0845, S0847, S0850, S0854, S0861, S0866, S0869, S0875, S0877, S0880, S0881, S0882, S0884, S0886, S0914


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